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Day 1
May 10 2019

Using Employee Benefits Communications to Win the Talent War

Bulking up your benefits package is only the first step in winning over top-notch employees and keeping them on board for the long haul. In this new Talent Economy –...
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Anna Phalen | Jellyvision

Flex-Benefits – Allowing Your Employees to Select Their Own Benefits Packages

With multi-generational workforces and employees needs differing, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for creating benefits packages. For that reason, more companies are offering flex-benefits and allowing their employees choose their...
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John Caldarella | Aon

Why You’re Thinking About Financial Wellness All Wrong

The purpose of this session is to shift the way employers view their financial wellness programs, which are traditionally focused on retirement plans and loan repayment. However, the truth is...
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David Vivero | Amino

Current Trends in Employee Health Plans – Examining What Can Employers Do to Cut Costs

Employers are doing their best to lower their rising costs; and to do that, most companies have previously raised deductibles for their employees and/or offered less-generous plans. However, are those...
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The Dentist as the Preventative Care Provider of the Future

As costs of healthcare rise, employers are becoming far better educated on the oral to systemic health connection. 66% of them are looking to bring healthcare services on or near...
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Eva Sadej | Floss Bar

Making Strategic Compensation Investments with an Innovative Career Roadmap

In the information age and knowledge economy, a firm’s ability to increase the value of its human capital is its primary source for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. The historic...
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Scott Dimmick | Lakeland Regional Health

What Comes Next: Branding and Marketing Your Programs

In this 45-minute session, we will share ways to ensure that your employees are energized and enthusiastic by your new programs.  From the Four P’s of the Marketing Mix to the Four C’s...
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Robert G. Read | Presence Marketing Collective

Expand Your Benefits Strategies with Consumerism Tools

With 3.7% unemployment, skyrocketing medical rates and rising out of pocket costs, it’s clear it’s time to rethink Total Rewards. We’ll brainstorm how employers maximize engagement with non-insurance tools, including...
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Reid Rasmussen | freshbenies

Happy Employees = Happy Employers: Examining How Employee Recognition Impacts Your Workforce

Employee engagement, employee empowerment, Voice of the Employee are all hot phrases we hear in across all levels of an organization, but particularly in HR. So then why is it...
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